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Woolfer Words: “Serendipity”

One of my favorite things about Woolfers is how well-read they are, as was evidenced by a recent group thread on favorite words. As a next-level word nerd, I was delighted at the variety of the list, but one word, mentioned again and again, stood out: serendipity. Serendipity commonly refers …
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Whatever Happened to Romance?

Heaving bosoms, smart-talking boss ladies, long-suffering virgins, bodice-ripping damsels, brainiacs, curvy vixens, neurotic late-bloomers and self-assured divorcées… Throbbing members, garment-rending swashbucklers, alpha beasts, enticing step-brothers, shape-shifting dragons, misunderstood damaged souls with chiseled jaws, Adonis belts and early evening scruff… These are a few of the characters you’ll run across if …