WWVWD Podcast, “Raging Gracefully

From Nina Collins & Hillary Richard

A podcast for women over 40 who want to tackle sex, changes in their bodies, divorce, dating and everything else, with humor, passion and complete candor.

Raging Gracefully grew out of a closed Facebook group for women over 40 called What Would Virginia Woolf Do? and explores the vibrant, sexy, smart and funny side of aging, most of which is never spoken about publicly.  In each episode Nina and Hillary address a topic near and dear to this demographic’s heart – how to moisturize that dry vag, where to find a bathing suit that doesn’t highlight your back fat, what to do when your partner can’t get it up, how to cope with your kid’s mental health issues and the like.  Each episode has advice or question from a listener or two and interviews with an expert or two.  The goal is to both entertain and educate.

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This week Nina and Hillary discuss their evolving fashion sensibilities. They also interview renowned fashion designer Daryl K. about how to find your best personal style. 


This week Nina and Hillary discuss what to do when your estrogen starts to dwindle and the requisite chin hairs start popping up. This episode also features interviews with Anne Kreamer, author of Going Gray and Melinda Markey, colorist extraordinaire. 


Many of us begin to experience sleep problems when we enter menopause (the rest of us have always experienced sleep problems.) So this week Nina and Hillary talk to Dr. Janet Kennedy and Dr. John Winkleman about how to find your nocturnal happy place.  


This week Nina and Hillary talk about all things divorce. Elise Pettus (founder of UNtied) stops by to talk about her own divorce experience and offer some helpful resources for anyone in the thick of it.  

Dry Vag?

In our Pilot Episode Nina and Hillary talk to Dr. Laura Corio about everything you need to know keep your Vagina in working order as you navigate your way through menopause. 

About the Hosts
Nina Collins, the founder of What Would Virginia Woolf Do, was born in NYC in 1969 and attended Barnard College. She had a long career in book publishing publishing, first as a scout and then as an agent. She completed a Masters in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University and become a certified Life Coach with IPEC. She has four children and lives in Brooklyn, where she is a trustee of The Brooklyn Public Library. Nina’s book, What Would Virginia Woolf Do And Other Questions I ask Myself As I Attempt To Age Without Apology, was published by Grand Central Publishing in April 2018.

Hillary Richard, Executive Producer of Raging Gracefully, hosted cable tv show The Game Show at age 17 but left the arts and attended Harvard Law School. She litigated cases all over the country for decades and was regularly recognized as a Super Lawyer. She has taught trial techniques, lectured on trial practice and made numerous television appearances as a legal analyst. Hillary is married, has three children and lives in Brooklyn, where she is a trustee of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and serves as Deputy Mayor of the Village of Saltaire in Fire Island, New York.

Hillary and Nina are dear friends who joke, curse and speak about aging and their lives on a daily basis.

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